Kathy's Music

“Kathy Sanborn is able to convey emotional truths with a sound no one else can produce--a quavering joy that works equally well over an ocean or acoustic chords of ballads. No one else sings like that.” --John Shelton Ivany

I'll Do Anything

Released May 6, 2022

Kathy's latest single, a calming, peaceful tune of love

The Best Is Yet to Come

Released January 14, 2022

Composed and performed by Kathy Sanborn, the new single is sure to brighten your day with its upbeat attitude! Produced by the acclaimed Matthew Shell, the song features Kathy Sanborn on keys and vocals, Sami Turunen on electric guitar, Hector Ruano on bass guitar, Glenn Welman on drums and congas, and Jackie Bertone on percussion.

America the Beautiful

2020 Single

Kathy's fresh take on the American classic.

Three Days of the Condor

2019 Single

Dave Grusin's brilliant movie theme reimagined.

Recollecting You

2017 Album

All original and pure Sanborn with sultry vocals and lush instrumentation.

Lights of Laniakea

2015 Album

World music with ethereal melodies and soaring vocals. Includes the award-winning song, "Fantasy."


2014 Album

Sultry Spanish vocals.

Sultry Night

2013 Album

Sultry Night reached Amazon's bestselling vocal jazz charts.

Six Degrees of Cool

2012 Album

Six Degrees of Cool reached Amazon's bestselling vocal jazz charts.