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New Single Releasing September 1st!

August 31, 2018 - Kathy Sanborn is releasing a new single September 1, 2018, "Love Will Light the Way," a collaboration with Grammy nominee guitarist MASA and acclaimed producer Matthew Shell. Guest musicians include Vahagn Stepanyan on keyboards and upright bass; Glenn Welman on drums; and Matt Veirs on electronic percussion.

The single is an inspirational song that focuses on hope and faith in a challenging world. The new song is available on Amazon, iTunes, and many other online stores.



New Artwork by Jen Mones

 July 13, 2018 - Many thanks to Jen Mones for her beautiful sketch of Kathy Sanborn. The multi-talented Mones is a sought-after book illustrator and artist. Her latest work is displayed in jazz singer/composer Toni Jannotta's elegant and award-winning book (accompanied by her original music), My Little Heart, Ruthie. Mones can be contacted via her web site.

Female jazz singer Kathy Sanborn


The Heroine's Journey Interviews Jazz Composer/Singer Kathy Sanborn

January 21, 2018 - Thanks to Peter De Kuster for the interview on The Heroine's Journey with jazz composer and vocalist Kathy Sanborn. Following one's passion is the topic of Peter De Kuster's blog and books. Check it out here.


Jazz Blues News Interviews Kathy Sanborn

January 12, 2018 - Check out the new interview on JazzBluesNews.Space with jazz composer and singer Kathy Sanborn. The sultry vocalist discusses the changing world of music and shares her concerns about where music is headed.


Sanborn Interviewed on New York's Radio Zenith 

December 3, 2017 - Daniela of Radio Zenith in New York City interviewed Kathy Sanborn and played two of the singer/composer's tracks from her latest album, Recollecting You. Big thanks to Radio Zenith! Radio Zenith New York


Recollecting You Garners More International Airplay

November 15, 2017 - Tracks from Recollecting You, Kathy Sanborn's new jazz vocal album, are playing on Spain's Radio 5 channel and Instanbul's Açık radio station 94.9. Thank you so much for sharing Recollecting You with your listeners around the globe.


Together in Peace Hits Billboard # 1

November 7, 2017 - Together in Peace, a new World album by Rupam Sarmah and Kevin Mackie, just hit the Billboard World chart at #1. Featuring an international cast of musicians, Together in Peace also includes the vocals of Kathy Sanborn.

 Together in Peace

Billboard number 1


Sanborn Appears in Clouzine Magazine Interview

October 8, 2017 - Kathy is featured in an interview for Clouzine Magazine. Sanborn talks about her influences, style, collaborations, and more.

Kathy Sanborn interview in Clouzine Magazine


Kathy Sanborn Wins Best Jazz Song at Clouzine International Music Awards

September 2, 2017 - Kathy Sanborn's new album, Recollecting You, has garnered its first win for 2017. "Falling," written and performed by Sanborn, won "Best Jazz Song" at the Clouzine International Music Awards. Kathy Sanborn wins best jazz song at 2017 Clouzine International Music Awards



More Radio Stations Add Recollecting You This Week

August 24, 2017 - Recollecting You continues to increase airplay in its third week out, and was added to these stations: KJZZ, WUMR, WBAI, WMUA, WIUM, WUEV, Recollecting You album coverWBAA. Hawaii Public Radio is spinning the album on KIPH, KHPH, KIPO, KIPM, and KIPL. Thank you to all the radio stations playing the album!



Recollecting You Reaches NACC College Jazz Top-30 Radio Chart

August 17, 2017 – Kathy Sanborn's new album, Recollecting You, was added to radio stations M3 Radio (New York), KCSB, KKUP, WECS, WPKN, KRBX, WCUW, WMCB, WERU, WBLV, WDPS, and WVST this week, expanding the number of stations around the USA already spinning the new album.

Recollecting You reached the NACC College Jazz Top-30 Radio Chart, and also made it to the #1 Jazz album on radio station WERU. Thank you to all the radio stations playing the new album, Recollecting You


Recollecting You Reaches Jazz Week's "Most Added" Radio Chart

August 4, 2017Recollecting You, Kathy Sanborn's latest album, releases today and is available at stores such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iTunes, and many more. Kathy Sanborn's Recollecting You reaches Jazz Weeks' Most added chart

Many thanks to the radio stations across the country that are spinning the music in its first week out, helping the album reach the Jazz Week "Most Added" radio chart: Gallery 41, KRFC, KVNF, WRTC, WWUH, WDNA, WUSF, WCLK, HPR, WCSF, WWNO, WMVY, WOWD, KBEM, WJSU, WPRB, KUSD, KJJF/KHID, KRTU, KUTX, WHRV, KEWU, and WWSP.

More information on the Recollecting You release here.


Sanborn to Release New Album, Recollecting You, August 4, 2017

April 21, 2017 – Kathy Sanborn's latest jazz album, Recollecting You, releases August 4th, 2017. The album will be available on CD and digital download via stores, Amazon, and iTunes.

According to Grammy Award winner Kabir Sehgal, “Between the irresistibly silky vocals and the muted, neo-Cool Jazz flavor of the accompanying music, Kathy Sanborn's Recollecting You is a romantic tour de force. With a uniquely lush and powerfully emotive vocal style, Sanborn draws musical inspiration from the past while pushing the evolution of the genre ever forward.”

Sehgal adds, "The songs cover a range of romantic sensations, like waiting breathlessly for a lover to arrive for a rendezvous, getting swept up in the heightened sensations of a new affair, feeling the void of a lover lost, and finding a path back to love in the aftermath, yet it also touches on the love born of family and friendship.

'Another Sultry Night' is quintessential Kathy Sanborn: sensuality as a musical expression. The artist describes the setting as a hot, humid Southern evening with the anticipation of a night of passion hanging in the air. 'Falling' is an achingly beautiful meditation on losing oneself to a romantic fantasy and the possibility of it ever becoming real. 'Kissed (Shoobop Shoobop),' with its upbeat tempo and melody, is an expression of Sanborn’s own positive outlook and faith in our ability to carry on no matter what comes our way. The title track is a celebratory musical homage to the past and to its remembrance that was inspired by the experience of a cherished friend of the artist who lost the love of her life. The theme of 'Heart Don’t Tell' is the sensual energy of an unrequited, hidden attraction and the risk of its discovery, and 'Reflections in the Rain' conjures up the emotional paradox of a broken-hearted New Yorker emotionally isolated in a teeming city of millions. 'The Boys Are Back Again' is a paean to the gift of absent, beloved family members joyously returned to the fold. 'Always You' is about the phenomenon of love hiding in plain sight until finally recognized and embraced, and 'Guiding Light' is a grateful acknowledgment of a person or spiritual force that can be leaned on and trusted to shepherd us through the vicissitudes of life. The final track, 'Recollecting You (Snowfall Version),' explores love as the fundamental and immortal interplay of two connected souls."

The album features Latin Grammy nominee guitarist Ciro Hurtado, violinist Rocio Marron, guitarist Vito Gregoli, and trumpeter Wayne Ricci. In addition to the stellar American players, Recollecting You spotlights remarkable musicians from India, including the producer, arranger, and keyboardist Keerthy Narayanan, pianist Aman Almeida, and drummer Abhinav Khanna. Bharath BJ of ReChord Studios in Bangalore, India, is the mastering engineer for the project.

Kathy Sanborn Appears on Action Moves People United

September 21, 2016 – Released on the International Day of Peace, the album Action Moves People United includes a song performed by Kathy Sanborn, "Count on You." The new album also features renowned luminaries such as Julian Lennon, Janis Ian, and Dan Aykroyd, to name just a few.

The mission of Action Moves People United is to join people of all nations together in order to create positive change in the world. Listen to the new album here.

ZMR Nomination for Lights of Laniakea

February 21, 2016 – Lights of Laniakea was just nominated for a "Best Vocal Album" ZMR Award. The awards ceremony will be held May 2016 in New Orleans. Lights of Laniakea nominated for ZMR Award


Lights of Laniakea Nominated for One World Music Radio Awards

January 26, 2016 – Kathy Sanborn's new album, Lights of Laniakea, Lights of Laniakea nominated for One World Music Radio Awardwas just nominated for a One World Music Radio Award as best Vocal Album.

Says Sanborn, "I am thrilled that my new album is resonating with fans and radio programmers alike. What a wonderful honor to be nominated by the UK's One World Music Radio!"


Explore the “Immeasurable Heaven” with Kathy Sanborn's New Release, Lights of Laniakea

September 28, 2015 – For her latest album, Lights of Laniakea, composer, singer, producer, and 2015 American Songwriting Award Winner Kathy Sanborn worked with musician, arranger and Grammy® Award Winner Ricky Kej to create a groundbreaking vocal album inflected with world-fusion elements. The lyrics, which thematically explore light throughout the cosmos, move from the intimate (the light within us) to the grand and majestic (starlight reaching us from far-flung galaxies). Lights of Laniakea album cover

This is Sanborn’s seventh album and it once again features her trademark sultry, sensuous, velvety voice. She sings in English on eight of the songs plus creates wordless vocalizing on three others (“On those I just wanted my voice to be another instrument in the band.”) The recording also contains the Spanish-language “Fantasy” which won an American Songwriting Award in the World category when it was released as a single (It additionally was nominated for a 2014 Hollywood Music in Media Award.)

More information on Kathy Sanborn is available at her website ( Her CDs, Lights of Laniakea, Fantasia, Sultry Night, Six Degrees of Cool, Blues for Breakfast, Small Galaxy, and Peaceful Sounds, and digital download tracks from those recordings, are available at online sales sites such as Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, eMusic, Rhapsody, and many others.

On those previous albums Sanborn showed her versatility by mastering many styles lyrically, vocally, and musically: new age (Peaceful Sounds), jazzy-pop and R&B (Small Galaxy and Blues for Breakfast), straight-ahead jazz (Six Degrees of Cool), Hollywood film noir (Sultry Night), and Latin jazz (Fantasia). “I like tackling different genres and finding inspiration from many sources,” explains Sanborn. “I don’t want to sound like or emulate anyone else, and I want to produce something artistically fresh in the world. My musical arc is a natural evolution. As a vocal stylist, I like to change my approach to whatever works best on a particular song. Just like an actor might take on varied roles, I look at each song as a different performance.”

Sanborn writes her own music and lyrics, does all the singing and vocal arrangements, and produces her recordings. On Lights of Laniakea, she teamed with Ricky Kej who arranged the music, played keyboards and bass, and brought in some world musicians: Varsha Kej on sitar, Butto on flute, Vanil Veigas on santoor and keyboards, Karthik K. on percussion, and Keerthy Narayan also on keyboards. Sanborn invited trumpet player Wayne Ricci whom she has worked with previously on numerous recordings. The result is a global synthesis especially spotlighting sounds from both India and the United States, and featuring gentle world rhythms. Kej is a master at producing these sounds having worked with many other musicians over the years, releasing his own CDs, and winning a 2015 Best New Age Album Grammy® for his world-fusion duet recording with flutist Wouter Kellerman.

Sanborn explains the inspiration behind Lights of Laniakea: “Back in 2014 at the University of Hawaii, scientists mapped a new supercluster in space that contains our own galaxy, the Milky Way. They named it Laniakea which means ‘Immeasurable Heaven.’ The name pays homage to the Polynesian navigators who used knowledge about the stars to navigate the Pacific Ocean. So Lights of Laniakea musically explores our universal desire to live in the light – in the ‘immeasurable heaven’ that is our home.

That is exactly what I wanted to evoke with this album. I wanted to write about light – the spiritual light we are always seeking, but also how light is our connection with the stars throughout the cosmos. Their light is what reaches us and touches us. Symbolically we do not want to be in the darkness with war and hate and all the bad things to be found on our planet. We want the light, positivity, love, and goodness. On the grand scale we want heaven on earth, an ‘immeasurable heaven.’ Why not dream big and call on the forces of the universe to bless us?”

Her lyrics expand upon these sentiments. Regarding the album's first track, “Star Catcher,” Sanborn says, “Catch the light and spread some light,” and about the next tune, “Follow the Light,” she states, “You have light, goodness, and a voice inside you which will tell you what to do if you listen, so turn that into a radiant purpose and passion for life.” She addresses deep relationships with “Soul Dancing” and “Fantasy,” both of which relate love to flying across the galaxy together.

The song “Abundant Love” is about the spiritual light always around us, while two tunes with wordless vocals, “Immeasurable Sky” and “Akea,” aim to link the idea of an expanding universe to expanding our inner light in a positive way. She describes children as bright lights in our lives (“Little Candle” and “Lani Heaven”). Sanborn titles one composition “The Stuff of Stars,” and explains, “Carl Sagan said everyone and everything are made of the same cosmic material, but the truth is we are each, individually, much more than that and we must work to achieve our full potential as beings.”

With two songs, Sanborn spotlights her positive outlook on life. “Someday” states her belief that human beings “will see the light and stop wars and killing people and all the horrible things that go on in society because our collective light is powerful and we can carry the torch to victory.” With the wordless “Seeds of Hope,” Sanborn dedicates the music to the environmental activist Dr. Vandana Shiva, who strives to protect the earth’s resources.

“The one common thread through all of my musical evolution is optimism, something I truly believe in,” explains Sanborn. “I know we can make a better world and that each of our lives can be improved for greater personal fulfillment. We need to move out of the darkness into the light. I have explored these lyrical themes before. On my first album, Peaceful Sounds, I aired pro-peace sentiments. On my second album, Small Galaxy, I was very positive lyrically, telling listeners to keep going and encouraging them to achieve their dreams. In some ways that album was smaller in scope, about just our galaxy, while Lights of Laniakea, as the title implies, is broader and deeper and relates to many galaxies, even more stars, more light, and more knowledge. But I try to make my messages soft, like helpful hints for living, rather than hitting the listener over the head with force. With this new music, because the lyrics are universal, I thought it made sense to have the music broaden into a world sound that helps cross cultural boundaries.”

Sanborn adds, “My main philosophy about music is that I believe in creating music to bring more light and happiness into the world. That is my mission.”

Kathy Sanborn wins 2015 American Songwriting Award

June 30, 2015 - Jazz singer and composer Kathy Sanborn has won a 2015 American Songwriting Award for her World single release, "Fantasy." Produced by GRAMMY®-winning recording artist Ricky Kej, the single will be included in Sanborn's upcoming album, Lights of Laniakea.

 Kathy Sanborn wins 2015 American Songwriting Award

GRAMMY®-Winning Recording Artist Ricky Kej Joins Singer-Songwriter Kathy Sanborn in Lights of Laniakea

Teaming with GRAMMY®-winning recording artist Ricky Kej, jazz singer/composer Kathy Sanborn combines her trademark silky vocals and heartfelt compositions with Kej's consummate arranging skills for her seventh album, Lights of Laniakea, to be released worldwide August 14, 2015.

Sanborn says, “Lights of Laniakea is packed with cheerful songs and positive energy. Always an optimist, I wanted to share my upbeat vision for the world in Lights of Laniakea, and Ricky Kej was the ideal arranger to bring my compositions to life.”

Just what is Laniakea? Back in 2014 at the University of Hawaii, scientists mapped a new supercluster that contains our own galaxy, the Milky Way. They named it Laniakea, which means, “Immeasurable Heaven.” The album, Lights of Laniakea, describes our universal desire to live in the light – in the “immeasurable heaven” that is our home.

 World music album Lights of Laniakea by Kathy Sanborn

Lights of Laniakea is World music that weaves delicate vocal tapestries and delightful melodies in a stirring musical treat for the senses. A cross-cultural blend of enchanting and uplifting compositions, Lights of Laniakea fuses the talents of GRAMMY®-winning musician Ricky Kej (India) and vocalist/composer Kathy Sanborn (United States), introducing a fresh and inspiring perspective to the genre of World music.

Kathy Sanborn is an American jazz vocalist and composer renowned for her velvet voice and elegant style. For her seventh album, Lights of Laniakea, Sanborn stretches vocal boundaries on twelve lovingly crafted, original World songs. Sanborn recently won a 2015 American Songwriting Award for her World single, "Fantasy." In 2014, Sanborn received a Hollywood Music in Media Awards nomination for the single.

GRAMMY® Award-winning musician and composer Ricky Kej has earned multiple honors for his composition and production skills. His most recent project, Winds of Samsara, reached #1 on the Billboard New Age charts and won a 2015 GRAMMY® Award. The album also won Album Of The Year and Best World Music Album at the 2014 Zone Music Reporter Awards.


The 2014 Hollywood Music in Media Awards

Jazz singer/composer and Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominee Kathy Sanborn walked the red carpet and appeared at the after party in Hollywood on November 4, 2014. The event was held at the beautiful Fonda Theatre, where Academy Award® nominee Eric Roberts presided over the festivities. Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominee Kathy Sanborn


Kathy Sanborn Nominated for 2014 Hollywood Music In Media Award

Jazz composer/vocalist Kathy Sanborn is a 2014 nominee for a Hollywood Music In Media Award. Sanborn's nominated single, "Fantasy," recently reached the iTunes bestselling World music charts.

Featuring producer/Billboard #1 recording artist Ricky Kej, "Fantasy" combines Jazz, World, and New Age genres in a song that captures the passion of romance. Sung in Spanish, the composition showcases Sanborn's renowned sultry vocals and signature jazzy style.