Kathy Sanborn

Recollecting You

According to Grammy Award winner Kabir Sehgal, “Between the irresistibly silky vocals and the muted, neo-Cool Jazz flavor of the accompanying music, Kathy Sanborn's Recollecting You is a romantic tour de force. With a uniquely lush and powerfully emotive vocal style, Sanborn draws musical inspiration from the past while pushing the evolution of the genre ever forward.”

Sehgal adds, "The songs cover a range of romantic sensations, like waiting breathlessly for a lover to arrive for a rendezvous, getting swept up in the heightened sensations of a new affair, feeling the void of a lover lost, and finding a path back to love in the aftermath, yet it also touches on the love born of family and friendship.

'Another Sultry Night' is quintessential Kathy Sanborn: sensuality as a musical expression. The artist describes the setting as a hot, humid Southern evening with the anticipation of a night of passion hanging in the air. 'Falling' is an achingly beautiful meditation on losing oneself to a romantic fantasy and the possibility of it ever becoming real. 'Kissed (Shoobop Shoobop),' with its upbeat tempo and melody, is an expression of Sanborn’s own positive outlook and faith in our ability to carry on no matter what comes our way. The title track is a celebratory musical homage to the past and to its remembrance that was inspired by the experience of a cherished friend of the artist who lost the love of her life. The theme of 'Heart Don’t Tell' is the sensual energy of an unrequited, hidden attraction and the risk of its discovery, and 'Reflections in the Rain' conjures up the emotional paradox of a broken-hearted New Yorker emotionally isolated in a teeming city of millions. 'The Boys Are Back Again' is a paean to the gift of absent, beloved family members joyously returned to the fold. 'Always You' is about the phenomenon of love hiding in plain sight until finally recognized and embraced, and 'Guiding Light' is a grateful acknowledgment of a person or spiritual force that can be leaned on and trusted to shepherd us through the vicissitudes of life. The final track, 'Recollecting You (Snowfall Version),' explores love as the fundamental and immortal interplay of two connected souls."

The album features Latin Grammy nominee guitarist Ciro Hurtado, violinist Rocio Marron, guitarist Vito Gregoli, and trumpeter Wayne Ricci. In addition to the stellar American players, Recollecting You spotlights remarkable musicians from India, including the producer, arranger, and keyboardist Keerthy Narayanan, pianist Aman Almeida, and drummer Abhinav Khanna. Bharath BJ of ReChord Studios in Bangalore, India, is the mastering engineer for the project.

"Falling," a track from the Recollecting You album, won Best Jazz Song at the 2017 Clouzine International Music Awards.

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