Kathy Sanborn


What do film stars like Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe have in common? American female jazz vocalist Kathy Sanborn says they share an electric, magnetizing attraction that screen fans can’t ignore.

Sanborn’s romantic single, “Magnetized,” describes an electrifying attraction of love that can’t be denied. Sanborn says, “Picture a fan watching his or her favorite movie star on the screen, feeling a magnetic attraction that can’t be explained. That’s what ‘Magnetized’ is all about - when you are pulled by an inexplicable magnetic force towards someone.”

A fan of classic films, Sanborn composed “Magnetized” as an homage to the power of attraction exhibited by film stars whose screen presence can virtually electrify an audience.

“Think about enduring stars like Clark Gable or Lana Turner,” Sanborn says. “People were, and still are, drawn to them like a magnet. They had a sort of electrifying quality about them, and fans couldn’t get enough of their films.” Sanborn adds,  “When two people fall in love, there’s that same kind of magnetic attraction that occurs - a sort of mystifying, electrically charged power that brings the lovers together. My new song, ‘Magnetized,’ reflects that awesome power of love.”

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