Kathy Sanborn

Lights of Laniakea

Teaming with GRAMMY®-winning recording artist Ricky Kej, award-winning singer/composer Kathy Sanborn combines her trademark silky vocals and heartfelt compositions with Kej's consummate arranging skills for her seventh album, Lights of Laniakea, released worldwide August 14, 2015.

Sanborn says, “Lights of Laniakea is packed with cheerful songs and positive energy. Always an optimist, I wanted to share my upbeat vision for the world in Lights of Laniakea, and Ricky Kej was the ideal arranger to bring my compositions to life.”

Just what is Laniakea? Back in 2014 at the University of Hawaii, scientists mapped a new supercluster that contains our own galaxy, the Milky Way. They named it Laniakea, which means, “Immeasurable Heaven.” The album, Lights of Laniakea, describes our universal desire to live in the light – in the “immeasurable heaven” that is our home.

Lights of Laniakea is World music that weaves delicate vocal tapestries and delightful melodies in a stirring musical treat for the senses. A cross-cultural blend of enchanting and uplifting compositions, Lights of Laniakea introduces a fresh and inspiring perspective to the genre of World music.

Kathy Sanborn is an American singer and composer renowned for her velvet voice and elegant style. Sanborn won a 2015 American Songwriting Award for her World single, “Fantasy.”

GRAMMY® Award-winning musician and composer Ricky Kej has earned multiple honors for his composition and production skills. His Winds of Samsara reached #1 on the Billboard New Age charts and won a 2015 GRAMMY® Award. The album also won Album Of The Year and Best World Music Album at the 2014 Zone Music Reporter Awards.

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