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Kathy Sanborn - Jazz Vocalist and Composer

Award-winning jazz singer and composer Kathy Sanborn


Kathy Sanborn is an American award-winning jazz vocalist, composer, and recording artist. Known for her velvet voice, Sanborn takes jazz music into the modern era with her sultry, contemporary sound.


Jazz singer and composer Kathy Sanborn

Sanborn won a 2015 American Songwriting Award for her world single, "Fantasy," produced by 2015 GRAMMY® winner Ricky Kej. The year 2016 brought a ZMR Award nomination and a One World Music Award nomination for her seventh album, Lights of Laniakea. In addition, Sanborn was a 2014 Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominee.


Sanborn's music includes the albums Lights of Laniakea, Fantasía, Sultry Night, Six Degrees of Cool, Blues for Breakfast, Small Galaxy, and Peaceful Sounds. Her upcoming album, Recollecting You, releases August 4, 2017.


John Shelton Ivany of the National News Bureau says: “Kathy Sanborn is able to convey emotional truths with a sound no one else can produce--a quavering joy that works equally well over an ocean or acoustic chords of ballads. No one else sings like that.


The sultry songstress is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (GRAMMY Awards®) and the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Latin GRAMMYs). Sanborn's biography has been displayed in the celebrated Who's Who in America for ten consecutive years. As a composer and songwriter, Sanborn is a member of BMI.

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Here it is - the album that we have been working on for the past year and a half. Recollecting You releases August 4th! Can't wait for you to hear the new music! Sounds coming soon . . .

Posted by Kathy Sanborn on Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lights of Laniakea

Lights of Laniakea